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6 Reasons Why We Should Be Willing to Return Our Client’s Money

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Bawn is making a bold statement to its attorney clients: if they are not satisfied with our investigative work, we will return their funds. The initial response wasn't exactly resounding: "Are you crazy?" When we outline the reasons why we should hold ourselves to this standard, we feel it is the best course of action for both Bawn and its clients. This doesn't mean we guarantee the result: sometimes our investigation reveals facts that don't support the client's desired outcome. However, we should always be willing to stand behind the quality of our work in terms of timeliness, diligence, and quality of documentation.

Reputation Preservation

Attorneys are putting their reputation on the line when they hire us. One of their responsibilities is to control costs for their clients: the service providers they select to support their client's case should provide tangible value to their client. If the service provider doesn't provide the expected result for the client, the attorney is likely the one the take the heat from their client.No one want to be seen as throwing away their client's money. We want to mitigate this reputational risk for our attorney clients. Bawn charges at the higher end of the investigative pricing ladder, so attorneys have a right to expect an outstanding product.

Radical Focus on Who We Are

We want to be the best at what we do in the investigation and security industry. The only we way we can achieve that is by "wowing" the client each time. The alternative of returning funds to a dissatisfied customer keeps us focused on who we are and what we want to accomplish with each client engagement.

Increased Understanding of our Clients

We don't need to take every case that is presented to us, and we shouldn't. Some cases might be beyond our capability or expertise. Our satisfaction guarantee pushes us to understand better our client's needs and expectations throughout the investigation process. These expectations may shift through the course of the investigation, and we must ensure that we address these changes effectively.

Long Term Relationships

We want to build long term relationships with our clients, where they consider Bawn as the "go-to" investigative resource. We have to knock it out of the park each time to build trust with our clients and repeat business. Our commitment to satisfaction means that we have to continually maintain a high bar in terms of investigative thoroughness and effectiveness, responsiveness, quality of documentation, and expert-level testimony.


Closely related to building long term relationships is referral business. We realize that when attorneys select an investigative agency, their first source of information is other attorneys. With solid relationships build on outstanding service as well as a willingness to return client funds if we don't meet the mark, we hope our clients become our biggest advocates.

Continuous Improvement

We strive to continually improve our service offerings and the way we do business. Inevitably, there will be a time when we don't meet a client's expectations, and we will be obligated to return their funds. Before this happens, the one thing we will ask is "How can we make it right?" We will make every effort to make this correction and satisfy our client as the final outcome. If we can't do this, we return the funds, learn how we can do things better, and improve as an organization. Perhaps the lesson requires us to add a new service, change a procedure, or introduce a new safeguard: we improve as a result, and continue to build on our core value of satisfying clients. 

Final note: This article started with only four reasons, but has grown as we continue to reflect on satisfying the needs of our clients.  Are there additional reasons? Be sure to let us know!

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