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Bawn Commences Operations in Austin, Texas

Austin_TX_skyline_sunset Bawn sets up shop in Austin, Texas

Bawn LLC is pleased to announce the opening of its headquarters office in Austin, Texas. Bawn is an investigation and security agency focused on supporting the needs of legal firms and private industry.

Comprised of former federal law enforcement, military, and intelligence professionals, Bawn provides sophisticated investigative services to address complex litigation matters. Though based in Austin,  we conduct investigations throughout the State of Texas, and plan to expand into additional areas during 2021. Ideally located at the center of the "Texas Triangle," our investigators are within easy driving distance of 11 metropolitan areas and 17 million residents.

Complex litigation often requires multi-state investigations. Most investigative agencies sub-contract these investigations to other vendors, which can lead to inconsistencies in reporting and investigative thoroughness. We are incorporating methodologies used by global law enforcement agencies as well as a suite of communications and case management tools to conduct investigations across Texas and the country in a consistent and cost-effective manner.

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