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Lessons Learned from the Robot Army

robot-army_51893238 Implementing lessons learned are key to the successful development of complex systems
 Foreground My last position at the FBI was Chief of the Technology Innovation Section within the Information Management Division.One of my key responsibilities was overseeing the development of the FBI's new Central Records Complex, a $220 million facility.This project combined a construction project with new as well as legacy IT systems, a h...
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Four types of surveillance explained

surveillance-camera-icon The objective of your surveillance will determine what method is employed.
For investigative agencies, surveillance is categorized into either physical or electronic. Physical surveillance entails putting "eyes on" a subject, and observing that person's locations, movements, and actions.Electronic surveillance employees a variety of devices to monitor the subject.Whether physical or electronic, each method can also be fur...
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Part III: You Have Executive Support. Now What?

blog-post-5-exe_51681314 Use executive support effectively for the good of your organization
Act like it is going to happen In Part I, I mentioned making executive support public.For any complex project, it is important to develop a constituency – a group of stakeholders who will benefit or play a role in the initiative's success.The broader your initiative's constituency, the better its chances for success.Part of building a broad constit...
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Part II: Maintaining Executive Support for Your Initiative

blog-post-5-exe_51681314 Executive support is not a one time event - make sure you maintain it!
 Hold regular meetings Once you have the attention of your executive, it is important that you keep that attention.Set a meeting schedule and stick to it. This helps set a battle rhythm for your project to keep things moving. For a major project I managed, I set meetings every other month. As the project neared its delivery date, I moved to a ...
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Part I: Obtaining Executive Support for Your Initiative

blog-post-5-exe_51681314 Executive support is vital to completing any organization-wide initiative
Obtaining leadership buy-in is essential to move forward any major project or initiative forward.Whether obtaining needed resources or changing workplace culture, leadership support is critical when venturing into new territory or making significant changes.But how do you get that support? Align with organization priorities (what does the executive...
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The Importance of Keeping Security Controls Up to Date

shutterstock_610811747 Make sure your security controls still make sense
Today I am visiting the DMV for the second time in my quest to exchange my out of state license for a Texas driver's license. Like many others, I didn't have all the required documentation with the during the first visit.Part of Texas' licensing process is to verify the applicant's SSN.Acceptable documents included a Social Security Card and variou...
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Nine Ways to Safeguard Your Family Gatherings During COVID

Holiday_Season_Masks Stay safe and enjoy the holidays
I was surprised to learn recently that the majority of COVID-19 infections now occur at home.With the recent surge of new cases and the upcoming holiday season, here are some alternatives for reducing transmission risk during holiday family gatherings. The official CDC guidance is available here, and it has updated information for Thanksgiving gath...
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6 Reasons Why We Should Be Willing to Return Our Client’s Money

Sales Cycle Long term relationships are built on trust and client satisfaction
Bawn is making a bold statement to its attorney clients: if they are not satisfied with our investigative work, we will return their funds. The initial response wasn't exactly resounding: "Are you crazy?" When we outline the reasons why we should hold ourselves to this standard, we feel it is the best course of action for both Bawn and its clients....
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Information Sources of the Private Investigator

Private_Investigator_Resources_cropped Knowing where to find information is only the first part of developing an intelligence picture
A large portion of investigative work today is done online, making use of various databases and services to put together a picture before initiating interviews or some form of surveillance.An experienced analyst will ferret out small items within these online resources to separate the signal from the noise, and provide a thoughtful report upon whic...
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Bawn Commences Operations in Austin, Texas

Austin_TX_skyline_sunset Bawn sets up shop in Austin, Texas
Bawn LLC is pleased to announce the opening of its headquarters office in Austin, Texas. Bawn is an investigation and security agency focused on supporting the needs of legal firms and private industry. Comprised of former federal law enforcement, military, and intelligence professionals, Bawn provides sophisticated investigative services to addres...
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How Leaders can Foster a Culture of Innovation

Throughout private industry and government, employees and managers are constantly being exhorted to be innovative. We set up innovation teams, labs, and contests to encourage employees to do more with technology. They are told "Be Innovative!" and to go forth a create the next market disrupting idea.

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