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MA-Due-diligence M&A Due Diligence Silver Bullet Investigations

What is due diligence?

The due diligence process allows potential buyers and investors to learn

about the company in question with a signed full disclosure. The information requires precision and investigation for structuring a fair deal, for all involved stakeholders. M&A attorneys create a comprehensive checklist of requirements, and accountants audit corresponding financial statements to ensure all supporting documents are accurate in developing a comprehensive financial picture regarding the proposed transaction. See Upcounsel Due-diligence checklist as an example.

What is an investigator's role?

Investigators find the silver bullets of a target's profile reputation. While both the legal and accounting teams are completing the Key considerations checklist example, investigators will be called in to confirm, research, and question prior to the final agreement of a merger or acquisition, public filings, equity or cash investments, anti-bribery and corruption, anti-money laundering programs, and remediation or internal WhistleBlower Case. These are the areas that an investigators provide clarity and comprehensive reporting:

1.Criminal and Civil Records—Fully providing a comprehensive report for criminal, civil bankruptcy, judgements and liens.

2. Professional History—Providing a detailed overview of professional and corporate relations.

3.Industry Reputation—Identifying adverse information noteworthy or otherwise by providing both industry and media prospective.

4.Sanctions & Watchlists-- Identifying the political exposure, global sanctions violations, and regulatory body violations.

What leads to Better Business Decisions? Avoiding Potential Losses with Hiring, Investing, and Lending!

There exist 254 counties in Texas alone, and 3007 counties in the United States overall. Each has its own court system, set of procedures and system of records. No singular database exists for all those jurisdictions to provide a comprehensive litigation report. However, by using cross referenced public and internet records, artificial intelligence tools, on site court searches and global networks, and analysis, a more complete picture can be developed by an experienced investigator. 

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