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  • Critical Information to build a strong defense for clients

  • Provide concrete evidence to build a compelling case

  • Preserve critical information

  • Interpret digital metadata – provide context and meaning to data

  • Evidence that with withstand scrutiny in a court of law

  • Challenge evidence presented by the prosecution

A Bonanza of Digital Data

Ninety percent of American adults own a cell phone. Sixty-four percent own a “smartphone.” One study of consumer behavior reports that 85 percent of people say “mobile devices are a central part of their everyday life,” with consumers revealing they spend on average 3.3 hours per day using a mobile device. According to another poll, “nearly three-quarters of smartphone users report being within five feet of their phones most of the time, with 12 percent admitting that they even use their phones in the shower.” Americans use smartphones for text messages, internet use, voice/video calls, emails, social networking sites, video, and music, with usage patterns differing somewhat by age.

Forty-two percent of American adults own a tablet computer such as an iPad or Android-based tablet.

Through the use of all digital devices in the world, humans create more than 2.5 quintillion (18 zeros) bytes of data every day. This includes roughly 145 billion email messages. Ninety percent of the data in the world today was created in the last two years. Much of the burgeoning digital data is stored on mobile devices or can be accessed remotely by them.

The ability of a smartphone to broadcast its location, and inferentially the location of its owner, is of great interest to both prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys. A competent lawyer needs to recognize the potential treasure trove of relevant information that mobile digital devices contain and take steps to specifically request the discovery of mobile devices and preserve the digital information stored on them. Early requests for such information—and directives to preserve such evidence—are essential given the risk of files being overwritten or deleted, or altered by the regular operation of the device (as discussed below), not to mention the risk that users will upgrade their device to catch the latest technology improvements with the result that the old phone goes back to the carrier and is wiped clean or destroyed.

Our Services Include:

  • Digital Forensics – our digital forensics examiners are among some of the top experts in the field. We follow proper evidence handling procedures, conduct examinations using various tools to corroborate findings, and provide clear reports to describe even the most complicated technical matters.

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