Employee Screening

Employment Screening provides

<strong>Better Employees</strong>
Better Employees
Employment screening increases the quality of applicants which ultimately leads to better workers, higher productivity, increased quality, and lower employee turnover. Candidates will represent themselves more honestly.
<strong>Reduced Litigation</strong>
Reduced Litigation
Employment screening helps avoid negligent hiring lawsuits, where employers are held responsible for injuries caused by their employees if the employer failed to take reasonable care in the selection process.
<strong>Reduced Misconduct</strong>
Reduced Misconduct
Employment screening leads to a reduction in employee misconduct. In addition to the financial impact, misconduct can result in lost customers, deflated employee morale, and company image destruction.
Our Guarantee
We strive to delight each client by significantly improving their state with the information we provide.

Industries requiring background checks

Employers need to ensure that employees who are being hired for safety-sensitive positions, or positions that require an employee to handle company confidential materials can be trusted. Such examples of industries include:

  • Medical
  • Accounting
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Industrial (e.g. Energy, Oil & Gas, Chemical)


Resumes containing inaccuracies in employment, job performance or educational achievement.

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Background Investigation

An effective tool for making better hiring decisions

Employers face a number of human resource challenges. Recruiting the right employee for the right job is one of the most critical challenges, and that task has become more difficult with a global economy and very mobile workforce. Employment screening is a process that allows employers to verify information such as education, and prior job history and performance. In addition the screening process reveals important information about a candidate’s prior behavior which can help an employer assess potential risk posed by the candidate. Prior behaviors can include substance abuse, credit history and bankruptcy, driving records, and criminal convictions, and civil litigation.

Benefits of Background Investigations and Preemployment Screening

Reduced Costs

If you don’t hire the right candidate the first time, then your employee turnover rate will increase, and so will the costs. Employee training, recruiting and hiring, wages, and benefits are all factors that are costly to employees and have to be executed all over again if the first hire didn’t work out. Also, background checks can prevent employers from hiring dishonest employees with a criminal history, which not only is a danger to the workplace but leads to:

  • Higher insurance premiums
  • Employee turnover
  • Increase in theft
  • Absenteeism
  • Increase in accidents
  • Increase in workers compensation claims
  • Decreased employee productivity

Improved Quality of Hire

The main benefit of pre-employment screening is to ensure that the individual you hire is trustworthy. Many applicants make false statements on their job application or resume to give themselves a competitive advantage. Commonly falsified statements are usually related to education or previous employers. Employment history fraud may include false lengths of employment, inaccurate reasons for departure and fake job titles/responsibilities at companies that do not exist. Some applicants may also include degrees or certifications that were never completed.

For the employer, this can translate into hiring an individual that lacks experience and skills to successfully perform job tasks, leading to higher turnover rates and a poor company image. Bawn background checks verify an candidate’s degree, GPA, employment history and references to help your organization hire qualified individuals.

We check references by calling and asking previous employers a serious of questions about the job applicant’s qualities. This type of reporting is known as a background investigation and is the most comprehensive way to check a person’s experience or reputation.

Hiring a qualified employee reduces the hefty cost of turnover. Don’t waste time on employee training, benefits, and pay, ensure you hire a good employee first by performing a background check. You will notice when using Bawn’s comprehensive background screening program, is a greatly increased quality of hire in your staffing efforts. Talent acquisition is a struggle in nearly every business, and qualifying candidates with accurate information can give you a competitive advantage

Improved Safety and Security

Employment background checks help greatly reduce the chance of future workplace violence by filtering out applicants that could present a threat to the workplace environment. Comprehensive screening will reveal past incidents which may provide critical insight to behavioral habits that could pose a threat in the future.

Protect your company from workplace violence and theft by checking criminal background history on applicants and employees on a regular basis. Bawn reports are comprehensive and can include searches through county, state, and federal databases to catch past offenses.

Improved Regulatory Compliance

Bawn’s employment screening compliance expertise can help your company create a screening solution that not only satisfies your industry standards, but also state and federal regulatory requirements. Without an appropriate background screening program in place, your company risks fines and ongoing legal issues.

Decrease in Negligent Hiring Risks

Employers are liable for what is known and not known about their employees. This means employers can be held responsible if they do not engage in due diligence to properly screen their workers. This is especially important for high risk positions that involve interaction with children or valuables. Positions that require driving should also be accompanied by a driving record investigation.

There is a high degree of risk in negligent hiring, which often times leaves your company directly liable for your employees’ actions. It has become increasingly commonplace to see a company that neglected to check the backgrounds of employees prior to hiring, and have consequently been liable because of it. When incidents occur that a company could have prevented with knowledge of an employee’s past, lawsuits are filed and companies often suffer immeasurable damage to their reputation.

Decrease in Employee Turnover

Background screening new employees will dramatically reduce your rate of unwanted turnover. The more you know about a new hire before an employment offer is made, the more you will reduce your chance of making a wrong hiring decision.

Reduced Drug/Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol and drug abuse can create a significant safety threat in the workplace and can result in lower employee productivity. Implementing a clear and consistent drug testing policy within the workplace deters employees from abusing alcohol and drugs and helps companies hire responsible applicants. It can also reduce the harmful effects of drug and alcohol abuse including absenteeism, tardiness, employee turnover, attitude problems, embezzlement, low productivity, crime, violence, and more.

The benefits of pre-employment screening and background investigations are clear. Contact Bawn to develop a solution that best meets your company’s needs.

Invest in a Better Workforce

It’s important that employers understand the difference between an instant background check versus a comprehensive background investigation to ensure they get the results they need to make a safe and smart hiring decision.

An instant background check will generally be cheaper and is often advertised with an almost immediate turnaround time. These checks are also known as “national criminal database searches” and provide general information that’s pulled from a commercially available databases. Since they aren’t corroborated against any official country court record, information will often be returned with significant errors or vague descriptions. Instead, employers should implement a comprehensive background search, which uses information gathered from a database search and pairs it with other products or services to further verify the data.

Instant background checks could lead employers to believe that they are creating a safe working environment, which could be worse than no background check at all because they are using inaccurate information. Cheaper options may also not follow federal and state legal requirements, leading to liability and legal issues.

A background investigation is the most thorough screening mechanism available. In addition to a comprehensive background check, trained investigators interview the candidate and colleagues to determine if derogatory information exists that could not be discovered through normal records checks.

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