Cybersecurity Consulting

Cybersecurity consulting will provide

<strong>Deep Expertise</strong>
Deep Expertise
Our team has experience across a wide swath of systems and organizations. The lessons learned and best practices developed from these engagements will help your organization quickly develop more effective solutions.
<strong>Candid Discussions</strong>
Candid Discussions
Independent experts are not constrained by an organization's hierarchy or political considerations. We provide candid assessments, and are adept at communicating technology issues to decision makers.
<strong>Roadmap for Change</strong>
Roadmap for Change
Identifying issues and proposing solutions may only be the first part of an engagement. We strive to significantly improve the security posture of our client organizations, and ensure improvements become permanent.
Our Guarantee
We are the stewards of your mission, and are fully committed to significantly improving the state of each of our clients.

Components of Information Security

  • Confidentiality
    Preventing unauthorized disclosure and use of information
  • Integrity
    Preventing unauthorized creation, modification, or deletion of information
  • Availability
    Preventing unauthorized delay or denial of information


Percentage of practitioners who say their SecOps practices are mature.

What is Your Security Program?

Whether creating a new program from scratch or bolstering a already mature one, Bawn cybersecurity consultants provide expertise and support to:

  • Assess security risks by performing vulnerability tests, risk gap analysis and interviewing staff on preparedness
  • Determine the most effective ways to protect your network and endpoints from attacks
  • Respond to breaches and other cyber events
  • Provide current threats intelligence and mitigation trends
  • Compose cost estimates for necessary upgrades
  • Provide status and recommendations to organization leadership

Develop a Security Culture

Bawn consultants are adept at communicating the importance of cybersecurity to executives, as well as developing leadership support for an effective  cybersecurity program. To ensure the organization continues in effective security, we provide specialized training to all levels of an organization, including:

  • Leadership
  • System Administers
  • Security Managers
  • Employee Users

The Benefits of Bawn

  • Outside perspective
  • Expertise that spans beyond your organization
  • Effective communication with corporate leadership
  • Candid assessment of security situation
  • Full committment to quickly resolving security issues
  • Purchase the solutions that are best suited for your company

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