Hidden Asset Search

Hidden Asset Searches Help

<strong>Mergers and Acquisitions</strong>
Mergers and Acquisitions
Find and track down all assets related to the merger/acquisition to ensure you are paying a fair price for the business.
<strong>Case Evaluation</strong>
Case Evaluation
Be better informed at the outset of a case of the assets that may be available and the probability of recovery.
<strong>Debt Collection</strong>
Debt Collection
Judgements without the ability to collect aren't helpful. Uncover hidden assets to enable recovery of funds.
Our Guarantee
We strive to delight each client by significantly improving their state with the information we provide.

Common Asset Hiding Places

  • Home mortgage pay down
  • Universal life insurance or annuity
  • Limited partnerships
  • Dissolved corporations
  • Stockbroker accounts
  • Intellectual property
  • Prepaid cards
  • Collectables
  • Safe deposit boxes
  • Offshore accounts
  • Assets in other names
  • Payments to the IRS
  • Sweetheart lawsuits
  • Shell corporations

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Hidden Asset Searches

Whether you’re searching for hidden assets from individuals or commercial entities, our team of investigators can help you track down hidden assets across multiple legal jurisdictions within the United States and abroad. This is primarily useful when you’re tracking hidden assets from commercial entities who have used sophisticated tools and banking systems to hide large assets.

Our investigative team employs a series of techniques to find the assets you seek, but don’t wait too long. While we are able to overcome major challenges, our greatest enemy is time. Some people seeking asset searches wait until it is too late, and the party being searched has had time to hide or move assets. When a subject of an investigation knows their assets are going to be searched, they often employ techniques that makes finding hidden assets more difficult and time consuming - we can still find the assets, but we may have to navigate going through different legal systems to ensure they are uncovered.

Some of our Asset Search techniques include:

Public filings examination - We combine the traditional "shoe-leather" investigative approach with digital research.  Divorce, bankruptcy, and accident cases often reveal division of property, business and occupational information, and income data

Tangible and real property location - Onsite visits of the subject premises, covert surveillance, trash checks and title searches, and UCC filings allow our investigators to locate properties that may have been concealed behind a series of personal identities or business entities.

Business involvement detection - The structure of interlocking companies, "sweetheart" lawsuits, and bankruptcy actions can be designed to fend off collection efforts. Our investigators examine SEC reports, officer/director backgrounds, contract award records, and business credit records to develop the full picture of these concealment schemes.

Uncovering finiancial filings - Financial statements voluntarily provided by a debtor may be self-serving, with assets and liabilities possibly misstated. UCC filings, tax liens, real property, tax records, litigation documents, and regulatory filings examined by our team will provide a more accurate picture.  Collection of credit card statements, transaction slips, bills and invoices, bank and travels documents may be obtained from the subject's residence or trash to further refine this financial picture.

Litigation research - A litigation deep dive often yields information about a subject  and their business  and financial practices. Litigation is about people, people have stories, and uncovering those stories enhances understanding of the processes and connections employed by a subject.

Social media hunting - Lifestyle analysis is a major component in determining the debt worthiness of a subject. Information gleaned from social media often occurs when a target feels most comfortable bragging, boasting, and detailing his or her lifestyle.

All of our investigators have been trained to only utilize methods that are compliant with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. 

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