Security Consulting

Bawn Security Consulting will:

<strong>Identify Risks and Vulnerabilities</strong>
Identify Risks and Vulnerabilities
You know your business better than anyone. We strive to understand your business and any risks to your people, systems, and operations. We identify and quantify these risks, and develop effective means to mitigate them.
<strong>Evaluate Current Systems</strong>
Evaluate Current Systems
We will evaluate all your existing operating systems and business processes to ensure they align with your business environment. This includes access control, communications, emergency management, and CCTV systems.
<strong>Recommend the Best Solution</strong>
Recommend the Best Solution
Good security comes from a combination of systems and processes working in harmony. Bawn is not affiliated with any security vendors, we only recommend products and services that promote your best outcome.
Our Guarantee
We strive to delight each client by significantly improving their state with the information we provide.

Security Consulting Services

  • Feasibility studies, program audits and assessments
  • Executive and Facility Threat Assessments
  • Surveillance technology assessments
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures
  • Security plan and program development
  • Budget review and development
  • Security and fire alarm surveys
  • Threat, risk, and vulnerability assessments
  • Business case and best practices
  • Operational effectiveness evaluation and cost control
  • Security/fire standards and program development
  • Software evaluation and implementation
  • Liaison to code authorities
  • Staff and organizational assessments
  • Development of protocols, policies, and procedures
  • Managed services
  • Executive Protection

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Security Consulting

Know Your Security Challenges Before They Become Threats

In today’s interconnected world, companies and individuals should be more sensitive and aware of exposure to threats or breaches in security.

Our team of security experts help clients prevent, plan for and respond appropriately to a myriad of security risks so they can focus on their core business functions. Security decisions you make today can determine your organization’s security for years to come. Bawn security consultants can ensure your organization takes a thoughtful approach based on industry best practices and real-world experience.

Our solutions, both long and short term, analyze the issues and provide you with cost effective options. More importantly, our consulting staff will empower you and provide you with the tools necessary to make adjustments as conditions demand.

We begin by providing an in-depth survey, focusing on any immediate threats or direct exposure to risk. Our analysis and reporting focus on the three core pillars of security planning: physical, operations, and technology. From there we evaluate the organizational security program as a whole and assess the individual needs of each location or business unit, including each facility’s capabilities and realistic threat potential. Once carefully vetted, a summary of these conditions and a target solution is offered to reduce or eliminate security concerns.

Our team includes industry leaders and experts with the experience and insight to help effectively manage and minimize security risks. Many of our team members have been security leaders within organizations. We understand the challenges of trying to attain a broader perspective while operating from the inside. Our team members act as a force multiplier within our clients’ organizations, helping achieve an objective third-party, top-level perspective. We assist with balancing the security needs of a business within the limitations of budgets, timelines, and systems through our proven solutions and targeted strategies.

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