Two-thirds of cyber attacks target small to medium sized businesses.

We provide you with a solid understanding of your cyber risk and the path forward to best secure your business. Our cybersecurity experts are veterans of the U.S. Intelligence Community, and protect businesses to the highest standards possible.

As risk experts, we partner with national level insurance providers to help you obtain cyber insurance at competitive rates. From firewall to finances, we have you covered!

Our mission at Bawn is simple: to protect every client to the extent possible. Our team caters to each clients ’s specific needs to ensure excellence. For more information, contact us today.

Organizational resilience is at the heart of our business.

Bawn is an Irish word for a fortified wall surrounding a castle.

The original purpose of bawns was to protect cattle from attack. They included trenches that were often strengthened with stakes or hedges. Over time, these were gradually replaced by walls. The name then began to be used for the walls that were built around tower houses. Much like the original term, we fortify defenses, develop strategies, and instill a security culture to develop and enhance the resilience of any organization.

Our Mission

At Bawn, we serve our nationwide clients as a trusted advisor. We help our clients identify vulnerabilities regarding their sensitive information and intellectual property.

We then develop a strategy and solution implementing people, processes, and technology. Our solutions allow them to increase their ability to manage and protect their most valuable information assets. Our clients benefit by maintaining their reputation and confidentiality, reducing their operational cost, avoiding fines and lawsuits, and understanding the information security risks of both their own business and their clients.

Our Purpose

To decrease our client's risk of compromise to their most valuable information assets.

Our Values

We operate from a place of client focus, commitment, compassion, respect, and integrity. We are dedicated to providing fairness, quality service, and leadership that fosters teamwork, performance, and excellence for our clients.