Investigation and Security News
09 March 2021
Hidden Assets are often an issue in litigation proceedings especially involving The Bankruptcy process as intended to allow debtors to reorganize and to establish a plan to repay creditors, or enable an orderly liquidation of the debtor's property. O...
25 February 2021
What is due diligence? The due diligence process allows potential buyers and investors to learn about the company in question with a signed full disclosure. The information requires precision and investigation for structuring a fair deal, for all inv...
18 February 2021
Hiding assets is a game people play to keep their money out of the hands of creditors. The actual financial hiding places are usually straightforward, as opposed to stuffing money in a mattress or hiding it in a tin can buried under a tree. Common Hi...

We are private investigators, security professionals, and technology experts.

Bawn provides information advantage. We help individuals, legal firms and organizations obtain the facts and evidence required to support positive outcomes. Our services help you make decisions armed with "ground truth," provide intelligence to take advantage of opportunities, and protect key assets.

What sets Bawn apart
Our foundation is based on strong corporate values.
Customer Focus
We only hire honorable people with a
strong sense of integrity. We present
the facts in the clearest manner possible,
whether it may be testimony, investigative
reports, or a billing question.
Our team of professionals are some
of the best in the industry. All
have an extensive background in security,
investigation, or IT systems. Many are military
veterans or former federal law enforcement.
Customer Focus
We always strive to better the
condition of our clients with our
expertise. If we don't feel we can
help with your situation, we'll let
you know up front, and will
even try to find someone that can.
We strive to get it right. We
check and verify all the work
we do for you, and go the
extra mile to make sure any
gaps are addressed so you have
the most complete information avaialble.
We understand when you need complicated
situations resolved quickly. Our dedicated team
of professionals and cutting edge systems
make it happen!
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