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Bawn's Integrated Approach: Comprehensive Protection for Your Business

Seamlessly integrating Cybersecurity and IT Services into one comprehensive solution.

A unified visual of cybersecurity, insurance, and IT services elements coming together
Diagram circle showing Cybersecurity shield and Manage Services Computer

Effortless IT Security

At Bawn, we believe that true cybersecurity requires more than just isolated solutions.

Our unique integrated approach combines robust cybersecurity measures and managed IT services to provide full-spectrum protection for your business.

This comprehensive strategy ensures that your business is not only protected against cyber threats but also prepared to recover quickly and efficiently in the event of an incident.

How Our Integrated Approach Sets Us Apart:



I. Comprehensive Cybersecurity

We start with a solid foundation of cybersecurity measures designed to protect your business from a wide range of threats. Our services include:

Risk Assessment: Identifying vulnerabilities and potential threats to your business.

Security Strategy Development: Crafting a tailored security plan based on your unique needs.

Cyber Risk Mitigation: Implementing measures to reduce identified risks.

vCISO Services: Providing ongoing strategic cybersecurity leadership.

Incident Response Planning: Ensuring you are prepared to respond effectively to any security breaches.

Diagram of Cybersecurity Service Process



II. Managed IT Services

Our managed IT services ensure that your IT infrastructure is secure, efficient, and aligned with your cybersecurity strategy. Services include:

Managed Laptops: Ensuring all devices are secure and up to date.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Implementing MFA for enhanced security.

VPN Services: Securing remote connections.

Service Desk: Providing support for IT issues and cybersecurity incidents.

Patch Management: Keeping systems updated with the latest security patches.

O365 Secure Configuration: Ensuring secure setup and management of Office 365.

SaaS Integration: Securely integrating third-party applications.

Backup Services: Regularly backing up data to prevent loss.

Diagram of Managed Services Process

Why Choose Bawn?

So You Can Focus on Your Core Business

With Bawn managing your cybersecurity and IT needs, you can focus on growing your business confidently.

Effortless Protection

Our integrated services provide seamless, comprehensive protection without demanding extensive cyber knowledge from you.

Proactive Defense

We continuously monitor and update your security measures to stay ahead of emerging threats.

Customized Solutions

We tailor our services to meet the specific needs of your business, ensuring optimal protection and efficiency.

Bawn — Full Service Secure IT

Don’t let cyber threats hold your business back. Contact us today to learn how Bawn’s integrated approach can provide the comprehensive protection you need, allowing you to focus on your core business with peace of mind.