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Conquer Cyber Risk

It's not a tagline. It's our mission.

Our Mission

We enable early-stage startups to quickly understand and mitigate their cybersecurity risks in a cost-effective manner.

Clients shouldn’t need to become security experts – they should be able to focus on growth
Clients should be confident they are adequately protected
Solutions should be right-sized for today, and poised for rapid expansion

Bawn's Origin

In the digital age's ever-growing landscape of cyber threats, a group of visionary minds converged.

Bawn emerged from the fusion of seasoned FBI agents, brilliant security engineers, and savvy insurance professionals, united by a shared mission to conquer the complexities of cyber risk.

Fueled by a collective passion for safeguarding businesses, Bawn was born to pioneer innovative solutions and fortify the digital realms against the relentless tide of cyber threats.

The Bawn Name

The name "Bawn" was thoughtfully selected to encapsulate the essence and purpose of the company.

Rooted in the Old Irish word "bá," denoting "cattle enclosure" or "fortified enclosure," Bawn initially represented strength, protection, and secure boundaries. Over time, the term became synonymous with a castle wall, further emphasizing the robust defense and fortification Bawn aims to provide.

This name reflects the core mission of the company—to fortify and safeguard businesses and individuals in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, akin to the protective walls of a castle defending against external threats.

Meet the team

Meet the dedicated minds behind Bawn – a dynamic fusion of cybersecurity experts, former FBI agents, and insurance professionals.

Our diverse team brings a wealth of experience and passion to the table, united by a common goal: conquering cyber risks and fortifying your digital future. 

Jonathan Trimble
Jonathan Trimble

Chief Executive Officer

Vijay Neelakandan
Vijay Neelakandan

Chief Technology Officer

Alex Sterling
Alex Sterling

Chief Insurance Officer

Rob2[19] copy
Rob Cochran

Chief Solutions Officer

Happy wealthy rich successful indian business man standing in big city modern skyscrapers street on sunset thinking of successful future vision

Our Vision is Clear:

To stand as the preeminent provider of cybersecurity insurance

We are pioneering a transformative approach by leveraging cutting-edge technology to comprehend and quantify cyber risks comprehensively.

Our mission is to eliminate the guesswork from security, empowering startups to channel their energy into business growth.

With innovative solutions at our core, we're committed to redefining the landscape of cybersecurity insurance, ensuring businesses not only survive but thrive in the digital frontier.

Now is the time to Conquer Cyber Risk!